Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Initiatives for development from Mr Azariadis and Mr Ioannides

Lets turn our attention to yesterdays enthralling discussion organised by AXIOTIS - which is a scientific, non-profit organisation dedicated to dialogue and promoting the principles of meritocracy, transparency and the modernisation of public administration, the business sector and civil society.

Speaking at the event was Costas Azariadis, from Washington University, St Louis, and John Ioannides, Tufts University, Boston, both of whom spoke on the much talked about subject of development. Mr Azariades’ talk was titled “A country seeking work.” He reminded those gathered that Greece has 3.2 million souls working in the private sector, 1.1 million in the public sector and 1.8 million pensioners. In other words One in two is waiting on the state. However, Greece has 1/3 of the Mediterranean coastline which is underdeveloped when it comes to private capital. What this means post Memorandum is that we may see a boom and a shift towards extensive infrastructure development with private financing. Along with opening up of the education system to private initiative, this could jump-start the economy.

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